Elon Musk's Masterplan Deux for Tesla

Elon Musk went public with his master plan for Tesla -- this is worth a read.

The key points here are: self-driving and sharing!

The killer proposition is that self-driving cars, lease their cars to the fleet -- so rather than sitting in their driveway or parking lot -- (85% of most car's lives) -- your car is out there earning you money -- more or less offsetting any mortgage costs or even net positive for you. I'm sure Uber is paying close attention to this.

Then, there is the big swing at trying to go after public buses and trucks. Now, this has huge implications. Lets trucking first -- my several estimations, trucking is a big employer in the US -- such a disruption has huge implication for jobs.

Now, if we look at self-driving buses -- this is interesting in of itself to reduce costs. He lays out some revamp on bus design -- not so interesting.

Let me try and throw my stab at an even bigger moonshot idea of the sharing economy -- where buses optimize routes around their customers -- customers are asked to locate themselves onto an optimal route for the bus pickup. So here's how it goes:

  1. customer selects on app where they want to go at the time they are ready and range of distance that they can walk/drive to.
  2. The routing algo works out the nearest bus going in the correct direction and works out the pickup point for the customer
  3. Customer makes their way to pickup point

    There is a critical mass of shared road traffic beyond which this game is ready to roll. Like any sharing ride business -- this about critical mass, and large vans just take this to the next level.


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