Super movies of Khandesh

While exploring the liguistic map of India, I discovered a few interesting branches of Indo-Aryan languages. The Central branch that has Hindi also has Dakhini -- which is the language of the Deccan which developed independently to Urdu in the southern sultanates. Many will recognize it is as Hyderbadi. Well anyway, there is a huge treasure trove on movies from Khandesh in Khandeshi.

Loads of these are available on youtube -- they're comedies and parodies and are super-low budget entertainers. A documentary on the making one such movie Malegaon ka Superman -- is aptly named Supermen of Malegaon which follows the  lives of those involved in this genre. Improvisation and jugaad is the name of thee game here. The most touching line comes from the writer who says that noone fathoms the pain of the writer. The writer imagines and conceives the movie investing so much of his being.  But only 20% of what he conceives makes it to the film and he has to suffer eternally the pain of not being able to share the rest.

There are actors with dwarfism as well as other genetic conditions also find parts here and have actually played some key roles.

This is a funny genre to enjoy and a great one to watch for improvised film-making! Enjoy!


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