So I'm back!

So after a brief hiatus of 6 years I'm back blogging. I think I'm going to use this to post about my myriad interests from sport, theatre, travel and music to chess and programming. So, lets talk about programming contests.

I've discovered that programming contests are a great way to quench my thirst of problem solving and writing nice algorithms - they also appeal very much to my love good old jugaad - so I've been trying a few of these. I plan to use this post a dumping ground for all the links I've found so far and then start classifying them.

BTW, I'm not sure blogger is still the right place to continue blogging, but anyway - it will stay for now.

I've started looking into UVA which seems to have a good classification of problems by level - but seems to suck for not supporting python - which I've been finding very handy:

Anyway, here are some of the resources I've been finding useful:


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