Dongri to Dubai via Dubai

I picked up a copy of Dongri To Dubai : Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia at the airport on my way to London. It is a really fascinating read. I was born in the area that serves as a backdrop to the book. That had to make it an exciting starter for me. I returned there recently roaming the streets and then I saw this book on sale at an airport bookshop and snapped it. It has been worth the read.

We grew up with the events around the Bombay riots and blasts, and d-company have had their fair share of mind-space in the mind of the Bombayite.

This book builds the pedigree of crime that starts with petty theft and culminates in the pinnacle of international terror. There is the deification of d but that makes the read fun.

The attention to the pantheon of the major and minor demigods of Dongri makes it all the more savory.

Along with a movie and TV series I think there is something of a walking tour in here somewhere complete with very own made to order mugging. In seriousness, the book is great fun and makes you enjoy Mumbai that much more.

Can't give it a fiver cause the writing is a little half ready in some chapters - a rushed release?

An ode to a cast of characters that gave Mumbai the character - this book had to be written and begs to be read. (Cross-posted on Goodreads)


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