DuoLingo, Skype pals & Telenovela method

As I revise my German, I thought I'll summarize some of the tools I found best in my language learning:
  • DuoLingo: This app is just amazing -- gamifying language learning -- its really great to pick up basic vocab and grammar and gets you to quite a decent level very quickly.
  • Skype pals: If you can use the intercambio format with native speaker in real life or over skype that works very well. 15 mins in 1 lang, 15 mins in other and then ping pong. Meetups are great for this as well.
  • Podcasts: I found podcasts like coffeebreakspanish really useful too. You can listen to them while working out -- great way to beat the boredom :)
  • Telenovela method: Now this is an interesting way and I have found this reasonably effective.
There are some great resources online by language and I will try and post them in due course.


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