Jaya He -- One of the most interesting Museums and tickets are free(... or super-expensive depending on your accounting method!)

Been meaning to write about this one for a while now! The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) hosts one of the best hidden gems of Mumbai -- and its free to visit while you wait to transit or board your flight.

It has an excellent museum and art gallery -- where is it -- it is the airport -- its all over -- arrivals departures, baggage claim security --- its curated in the most clever manner possible. And you can even explore it from home with one of the most interactive websites.

Next time you're at Mumbai airport, make sure you keep some time to check this one out. They also have a museum store -- which sells some nice related art work. There is actually a nice commercial store called Out of India -- for souvenirs, BTW (not related to Jaya He).

Back to Jaya He -- I love the "Thresholds of India" theme -- these majestic facades of India -- screaming welcome as you arrive. I learned a lot from these.

Then there are the urban art works -- reacting to the cities of post-lib, post-sat-tv, trans-IPL India -- where every one has a mall, a slum and a metro. Some interesting artists here.

It's a great example of how to make airports interesting -- its a wet dream for buffs like me but also makes the space pretty for the art-allergic! I hope Dubai, London and JFK are watching...


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